What is Fight the Horror?

A suitable horror video game aimed at people who are seeking enjoyment without the fear of getting too delved in 3D. In addition, it’s an interactive way to know more about some interesting ghost stories. You have the choice of playing either in the same team with your friends or play against them. You can upgrade your gears as you enjoy this fast-paced game. This game combines a dream that all team-mates want.

How this game is played

Fight the Horror is a multiplayer third person action roleplaying game with a horror theme. Each player will team up with 2 other players and fight against 2 opposing teams. The game is separated into two parts:

Nights and days

  1. Nights
    • Your team will enter this world in order to debunk this myth before the sun rises.
  2. Days
    • During the day time, your team will rest, gear up and be prepared for the coming nights.

In 7 days, the first group who has found all of the hidden truths and defeated the target corresponding to their assigned myth will win.

Game background

Being captured and put into this dark room together with some other people. Nothing happens for a long time until this screen turns on. You see a clip about something that you heard before from an old ghost story, which you thought is ridiculous. People in the room start paying serious attention to it after it showed:

“The truth about the myth has to be revealed, the ultimate monster has to be defeated, only the first group that achieves the both above shall receive salvation.”

Suddenly, the door behind everyone opens. Inside there was nothing but three chairs. You forget what happened, but soon find yourself wondering in this place where everything seems familiar yet unreal.


  • Fast paced melee combat.
  • Bury loved ones and Sacrifice your enemies.
  • Maze-like seamless map.
  • Urban myths and ghost stories.
  • All the good stuff:
    • Resource management like survival games;
    • Item management like horror games;
    • Gears to level up like RPG games.

Be the first to defeat the boss in 7 days

Wearing a straitjacket from the lunatic asylum, and putting on a specific eye patch device, players need to strengthen themselves, resolve puzzles, fight, kill, and co-operate in 7 days for survival. By making good use of all resources to reveal the boss, aid yourself and your team to escape this living hell.

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Gather all members

The second golden rule of “fight the horror”: players need to return to base at 6am each day, otherwise, they will fall into the Dark Space;
Even the players who are resolving the mystery successfully at night and gathering numerous weapons and inventories. In order to survive, players must return to base. It is full of dangers as devils invade the area. It is also possible that you will encounter an attack from other players during your return. Other players might want your inventories desperately for themselves and their teammates. Sometimes, humans are more dangerous than devils.

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Point collocation to gain power

The base is the resting place in “Fight the horror” during the 7-day period. After gathering the limited resources, players can gain power to encounter coming challenges in the base. Will an average powered three-member team survive better, or one powerful superman who obtained all of the resources? It’s up to you to find out.

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The evils invade the city

“Fight the horror” has a golden rule: the evils invade the city at 6 pm. Players need to fight and kill just to save themselves.
During the 7-day period, there will be a total of 7 mysterious files which are related to the city. Players will be shown a related clip, which are clues for resolving the mystery, on each day. They can start to investigate accordingly and uncover the whole story.

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Fight, kill and resolve puzzles

There are three teams each with three members competing in this adventure! Each team is allocated to a specific story. The team scavenges streets and alleys in the city to obtain weapons and items, and kill enemies in order to gain resources, strengthen their power, and challenge the hidden mysterious boss. In theory, all players should co-operate to clear out the stages. However, due to limited resources, competition, combat and killing among players are unavoidable. How will you survive in this situation?

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“Myth that scares everyone is actually a curse.”



Tony Lam

Creator and Executive Director


Bone Ng

Creative Director and Lead 2D/3D Artist


Fan Vong

2D/3D Artist and Animator


Corrine Lam

Admin/PR Manager


Lurid Wong

2D/3D Artist


Jin Tam



Zhao Ping Lin



Jun Zhen Cheng



Denny Liu



Cherry Lo

2D/3D Artist


Zeal Lau

Japanese Interpreter